ABJ Comércio Agrícola (On Shore) and ABJ Trading (Off Shore) were built with the purpose to structure the commercial operations of inputs – seeds, chemicals, fertilizers and correctors – and commodities – soy, corn, cottonseed and cotton lint – in the Bom Jesus Group and other partners and customers.
With planned services and storage and logistics structures which attribute economies of scale to the operations, the ABJ companies provide agility and profitability to the production processes and raw material commercialization.

For this, they use a business model that goes beyond the traditional operations for input and commodity purchase and sale and the popular barter – exchange modality through which the group provides inputs and, on the other hand, receives soy, corn and cotton grains. The ABJ companies offer their customers and partners the same treatment given to the producers of the Bom Jesus Group.

These differentiated conditions in favor of the agronomical good practice and the efficient commodity commerce eventually add value to the country production.

Areas of Expertise

  • Commerce of soy, corn, cottonseed and cotton lint
  • Commerce of seeds, defensives, fertilizers and correctors
  • Technical support
  • Storage and benefitting services for grains and cotton
  • Storage and transport services for structured defensives with Bom Jesus Transportes
  • Exportation and Importation

Commercialized Products

  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Cotton (seed and lint)
  • Defensives
  • Fertilizers
  • Correctors
  • Soy, cotton and corn seeds
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